Instructors in the PPE program include core faculty who hold joint appointments in Public Policy Administration and related fields including Economics, Political Science, and Business Administration, as well as adjunct faculty who work in local government, nonprofit management, and policy analysis.

Adjunct faculty bring considerable professional, educational, and teaching experience and play an important role in connecting our students with the professional community.

Mark Tranel Mark Tranel, PhD, serves as program advisor for the PPE Certificate Program. He is the Academic Director of the Community Innovation and Action Center (CIAC), and Research Associate Professor of Public Policy Administration.

Since 1990 he has served as principal investigator or project manager on over 60 applied research projects, including evaluations of early childhood education programs, public housing redevelopment projects, collaboration among educational institutions, impediments to fair housing, health promotion among noncustodial fathers, and state funding of transportation, among others.

Tranel’s background, which includes a nearly 20-year career in local government administration and project management, provides students with a unique perspective and many opportunities to see the practical applications of the evaluation program. In addition to teaching public policy analysis and evaluation research, he serves on the Board of Directors of several St. Louis nonprofits.