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Curriculum Highlights

The Graduate Certificate in Policy and Program Evaluation curriculum includes a social science base along with practical experience to assure certificate holders have both theoretical knowledge and implementation skills.

The curriculum requires the completion of 18 credit hours. Twelve of these are the following core courses:

Core Courses (12 Hours)        

P P ADM 6000 Introduction To Policy Analysis

One of the following:

P P ADM 6010 Introduction To Policy Research

SOC WK 5450 Social Work Research Methods And Analysis II

ECON 4100 Introduction To Econometrics

ECON 5100 Econometric Theory And Methods

One of the following:

P P ADM 6750 Introduction To Evaluation
Research Methods

SOC WK 6400 Practice and Program Evaluation

One of the following: *

P P ADM 6751 Applied Evaluation Project

P P ADM 6950 Internship*

SOC WK 6800 Graduate Field Practicum II*

SOC WK 6850 Graduate Field Practicum III*

* Must include an evaluation project.

Electives (6 Hours)

Choose from a list of pre-approved courses including Fundamentals of Cost-Benefit Analysis, Natural Resource Economics, Health Care Policy, Multi-Method Research Design, Social and Economic Development Design, Public Policy and Aging, and many more.