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Summer 2023
Candidates for Graduation

5/9/22 at 9:30a
Hannah Walker
Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms, Anger, and Substance Use as Risk Factors for Trauma Revictimization
5/13/22 at 12:00p
Laura K. Fewell
Rethinking Binge Eating Disorder: Is Resource Depletion the Missing Link?
3/15/23 at 11:30a
Julia Sager
Self-Compassion and Experiential Avoidance: Potential Pathways to Posttraumatic Growth
5/10 at 4:00p
TLC - Sigma
Monique Hite-Patterson
The Impact of a Culturally Responsive Approach in Science Education on Kindergarten Students
5/16 at 3:00p
Salim Jahbriel Kenyatta
From Childhood through Adulthood to Godhood: Using Njia (The Way) to Inspire African Americans to Become the Stars of Their Story
5/30 at 10:00a
Sophie E. Haven
Treatment Outcome from Cognitive Processing Therapy Examined in Three Ways