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Thesis & Dissertation Information

Our institutional repository, IRL@UMSL, is an online showcase of UMSL’s scholarly and creative works.  It includes our exceptional student achievements, including student thesis and dissertation projects. Adding your work to the repository gives you an easy way to direct future employers, and colleagues to your scholarship and is a requirement for some master's degrees and all doctoral degrees. Sample title pages are included below.

The IRL@UMSL replaces the previous UMSL ETD submission process. 

Master's Students

Master's students who are required to complete a thesis, as a requirement of their degree, must upload their final thesis to IRL@UMSL in accordance with the graduation deadlines. After upload, the Graduate School completes an initial review and then forwards the thesis to the graduate advisor to confirm that the student has incorporated changes required by the thesis committee.

Doctoral Students

Doctoral students are required to complete a dissertation and, after incorporating final changes, the dissertation is uploaded to IRL@UMSL and ProQuest by the student, in accordance with the graduation deadlines.