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Transfer of Program
It is possible for a J-1 student to transfer to another program sponsor if the purpose is to complete the objective of the student's exchange program. The transfer is made through correspondence between the two RO's and notification to the USIA. This process may be begun by meeting with the RO.

Program Extension Procedures
You are eligible for an extension of stay if:

  1. you are studying full-time at the institution listed on your Form IAP-66;

  2. you can demonstrate funding for the period of your extension;

  3. you are making satisfactory progress towards the completion of your educational program; or

  4. you are participating in an authorized academic training program.

When to Extend and Procedures for Filing Extension

Your permission to stay in the U.S. ends 30 days after the date shown in item #3 of your Form IAP-66. It is essential that you submit your application for an extension at least 15 days prior to the expiration of your Form IAP-66. You will need to bring the following items to the office:

  1. A completed extension verification form (Word format) from your academic or faculty advisor explaining your need for an extension and your estimated completion date;

  2. IAP-66 request form (Word format);

  3. Copies of any I-797 approval notices changing or extending your status;

  4. Copies of all previously issued Forms IAP-66.

TRAVEL: After you have extended you stay in the US, avoid a common mistake. If you travel abroad, do not assume that with an approved extension of stay you can reenter this country from another continent with an expired J-1 visa stamp in your passport. If your J-1 visa stamp is expired, you will have to apply at a consulate for a new one in order to reenter the US as a J-1 Exchange Visitor.

CAUTION: Extension of your permission to stay is your responsibility. If you forget the deadline and apply late, you risk denial. If you are employed and overlook the date, you will be working illegally. Because such mistakes can have serious consequences, you should make certain that you apply well in advance (one month is recommended) if you need to extend your stay.