International Voices at UMSL

Amulya Reddy Lakku

Amulya Reddy Lakku, Andhra Pradesh, India
Graduate student, Computer Science

How long have you been at UMSL?

Nine months (as of April 2020)

Besides English, what languages do you speak?

Telugu and Hindi

What is one custom or tradition from your home country you miss?

Festival celebrations

What do you do when you feel homesick?

I talk to my parents through video calls and visit my friends.

What are some things that are different about education in your home country and education in the United States?

Research opportunities and practical knowledge

What made you choose UMSL?

Research work

What is one thing you expected about St. Louis that wasn't actually true?

St. Louis night life.

What is something about the United States that surprised you?

I am surprised to see two things: greenery everywhere and the usage of motorbikes is much less common.

What is something about your home country that would surprise Americans?

Traffic on the roads and pollution in metro cities.

What advice would you give to someone from your home country traveling to the United States for the very first time?

I would advise them to be prepared for drastic climate changes.

What advice would you give to an American traveling to your home country for the very first time?

I would suggest Americans try Indian food. It's one of the best cuisines to try in your lifetime.