Graduate Certificate in International Studies

A Graduate Certificate in International Studies is a program of study featuring advanced multidisciplinary course work designed for individuals, including teachers and other professionals, who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of international and cross-cultural affairs. The Certificate is sponsored by the Center for International Studies and the Departments of Economics, History, Language and Cultural Studies, and Political Science. A broad set of course offerings is available in these and other departments, with the flexibility for students to tailor the program to their particular interests and needs. The program has been developed as a vehicle for bringing together the resources of a distinguished faculty in international studies and for providing an opportunity for further graduate learning. Applicants to the Certificate program must meet the general requirements for admission to Graduate School as explained in the graduate study section of this Bulletin. The Certificate is awarded after completion of 18 hours, including a minimum of 12 hours drawn from a list of core courses and an additional six hours selected from a wide variety of offerings in eight different disciplines. No more than 12 hours may be from any one discipline. Students may simultaneously earn a graduate degree and count credits earned in their degree program toward the Certificate when appropriate.
    Students must complete at least 12 credit hours chosen from the following list:

    Business Administration
    FINANCE 6580, International Finance, Investment, and Commerical Relations
    LOG OM 5381, International Logistics and Operations Management
    ACCOUNTING 5480, International Accounting

    ECON 5300, International Trade
    ECON 5301, International Finance

    HIST 6112, Readings in European History Since 1715
    HIST 6113, Readings in East Asian History
    HIST 6114, Readings in Latin American History
    HIST 6115, Readings in African History

    Political Science
    POL SCI 6450, Proseminar in Comparative Politics
    POL SCI 6451, Seminar in Comparative Politics
    POL SCI 6480, Proseminar in International Relations
    POL SCI 6481, Seminar in International Relations
    POL SCI 6488, Studies in International Relations

    SOC 5410, Comparative Social Structures
    Students must complete an additional six hours chosen from the following.

    ECON 4980, Special Readings

    ENGL 4920, Major Works of European Fiction

    HIST 4001, Special Readings [when appropriate]

    Foreign Languages and Literatures
    FRENCH 4362, Nineteenth-Century French Novel
    FRENCH 4365, Modern French Poetry
    FRENCH 4371, Twentieth-Century French Novel
    FRENCH 4375, Modern French Theatre
    SPANISH 4310, Spanish Literature from 1898-1939
    SPANISH 4315, Spanish Literature from 1939 to Present
    SPANISH 4320, Realism and Naturalism in the Nineteenth Century Spanish Novel
    SPANISH 4321, Poetry and Drama of the Nineteenth Century
    SPANISH 4345, Spanish-American Literature of the Twentieth Century
    SPANISH 4351, Spanish-American Fiction in the Twentieth Century

    Music History
    MHLT 4250, Music of the Romantic Period
    MHLT 4260, Music from 1900 to the Present

    Political Science
    POL SCI 4510, Comparative Public Policy and Administration
    POL SCI 4850, International Law
    POL SCI 6485, Directed Readings and Research in International Relations