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Faculty & Staff

Put simply, Gerontology is the study of aging. The experience of growing older can vary widely among individuals, groups, cultures, national boundaries, etc. The psychology of aging is distinct from the anthropology of aging. Aging adults often experience changes in health and function, so medical science is very relevant. Older adults live, work, travel, and engage a whole host of productive activities. The study of aging is anything but simple!

Our core, affiliated and adjunct faculty members know aging from all angles. We are fortunate to have three Fellows of the Gerontological Society of America among our faculty panel. We have faculty who are active practiioners in the community involved in care managment, medication counseling, dementia education, and a host of other topics. Most primary disciplines involved in gerontology are represented: psychology, nursing, social work, public policy, aging and design, etc.

Our faculty have strong credentials in both the academic study of aging and community-based practice in support of older adults. The Gerontology Program's practicum supervisors are similarly diverse and just as committed to training the next generation of "generalist gerontologists" to serve the needs of older adults well into the 21st Century!

Core Faculty:

Thomas M. Meuser, Director               Affiliated Faculty

Rachel Craft
Advising & Practicum Coordinator        Adjunct Faculty                                                  

Shirley Porterfield                                Dr. Robert Calsyn, Founding Director

Ann Steffen


"When I’m in a new setting, I’m often shy and a little reserved. In the classroom at the UMSL program, I felt very welcomed and very warm.  My ability to share and not be judged by the professor or the other students.  Everyone was willing to help each.  Very welcoming and diverse."  Liz Yates, MSG  (2010 Graduate)