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With up to 15 rooms, hosts and coordinators can find the best fit for their next event at the UMSL Conference Center.

The facility can accommodate up to 400 people. There are large, medium, and small rooms.  The rooms are preset for different functions; theater, classroom, or meeting.  This helps keep your costs down, but if you need to do something custom, we can to that too.  The Conference Center hosts everything from corporate retreats, to regular meetings, to theatre/music events, to receptions, to weddings, and even church services.  Event Services also offers excellent staff support and full catering services to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

1st Floor 4th Floor
Auditorium and Lobby
4th Floor Meeting Rooms


Summit Ballrom 2nd Floor
Summit Ballroom 2nd Floor Meeting Rooms


VIP Lounge Seating Options
VIP Lounge / Green Room Standard Seting Setups

Conference Center Ballpark Estimates