Stormwater management helps protect creeks and streams from sediment and contaminants.  Large impervious areas, like roofs, road and parking lots prevent stormwater from absorbing into the ground.  Instead stormwater runs in storm sewers and can carry contaminants downstream into creeks.  In order to track our mitigation efforts, UMSL was issued a stormwater discharge permit from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. You can review UMSL’s Stormwater Discharge Permit materials via the links below.


In order to protect our downstream creeks, it is important to keep contaminants out of the storm sewers.  Trash, household chemicals, car fluids, food and kitchen waste cannot be dumped into storm sewers.  If you see anyone dumping anything into the campus storm sewer, please contact EHS by email or comment form below. Protecting local creeks and streams is all of our responsibility. To explore other ways to protect our environment both on and off campus visit the UMSL Sustainability Office.


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