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Lab Safety Plan

 Laboratory Safety Plan

The UMSL Laboratory Safety Plan is part of a program designed to make our laboratories safer for everybody.  The Plan contains general lab safety information as well as specific information for several types of materials.  

The Lab Safety Plan document can be accessed here. 

Ronald Yasbin, Former Dean of Arts and Sciences, wrote the foreword for this plan.

The link for the lab safety plan includes the Appendices, but not the Attachments or Exhibits.  These documents are available separately due to the large number of pages, and resulting large document size.  You may download the documents you need for your laboratory using the links below.

The Attachments to the Lab Safety Plan include the following: 

Attachment 1: Subpart K Laboratory Management Plan

Attachment 2: Laboratory Bloodborne Exposure Control

Attachment 3: Autoclave Surveillance Program

Attachment 4: RAD Handbook Index

Attachment 5: Biosafety Level Laboratories

Attachment 6: Hepatitis Vaccine Declination

The Exhibits to the Lab Safety Plan include the following:  

Exhibit 1: CAL/OSHA UCLA Chemical List

Exhibit 2: OSHA Particularly Hazardous Substances

Exhibit 3: OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL) Table Z-1 Limits for Air Contaminants

Exhibit 3A: OSHA PELs Table Z-2

Exhibit 3B: OSHA PELs Table Z-3

Exhibit 4: NIOSH Pocket Guide

Exhibit 5: Ansell 8th Edition Chemical Resistance Guide