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Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency Phone Numbers

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Institutional Safety

911 from an UMSL phone



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Environmental, Health & Safety




Major Chemical Spill

911 from a UMSL phone



Radioactive Spill or Release




Building Emergency

Facilities Services

Weekdays 7 am to 4 pm


After Hours:  314-516-5155


UMSL Emergency Planning and Preparedness web site:


In case of serious incident needing immediate assistance, your best option is to call 911 from a university (ShoreTel) phone, and you will reach the UMSL Dispatch Center.  The UMSL police dispatchers are trained to respond quickly and appropriately to emergency situations.  Dialing 911 from an UMSL phone provides Dispatch the capability to know your location, quickly set up a three-way phone connection with you and outside fire, medical or police agencies.  This method has several advantages.  Both UMSL and the outside agency hear your description of the incident at the same time, which avoids confusion and provides faster response times.  This method also automatically notifies UMSL Police, who can provide faster response, help the responder (e.g., fire truck or ambulance) find the correct location faster, and also back up the outside agency when they arrive.  This is typically the best and fastest method to obtain emergency services.

If you call 5155 from a university phone, the dispatcher will know your location, but will not have the capability to set up the three-way call.

If you call 314-516-5155 from a cell phone, the dispatcher will not know your location or be able to implement the three-way call.

If you call 911 from your cell phone, you will reach the Saint Louis County Police.  They will ask you for your locality and you will need to specifically tell them UMSL.  They may not be familiar with our building locations.  It is acceptable if you chose to do this in an emergency, especially in a fire or medical emergency, but you need to know that this method may slow the police response by a few minutes.  Be sure to follow up with an additional call to UMSL dispatch so the UMSL Police are aware of the situation.