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Minor Chemical/Biological Release

Minor Chemical or Biological Spill or Release

A minor spill is one that can easily be managed by laboratory personnel.  Response items are as follows: 

  • Attend to any person who may have been contaminated (See Section III.C above for first aid)
  • Notify persons in the immediate area of the spill
  • Secure the area so extraneous personnel do not enter
  • Evacuate non-essential personnel from the area of the spill
  • Notify Campus Police at 911
  • Turn off all ignition sources if the spilled material is flammable
  • Establish exhaust ventilation through the fume hoods or by opening windows for chemical spills
  • Contact EHS for assistance in disposing of the collected materials
  • Never attempt to handle broken glass or sharps with your hands
  • Use the appropriate spill kit according to lab specific SOPs
    • A typical spill kit will contain three types of equipment:
      • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
      • Equipment and materials to clean-up small spills
      • Equipment to contain larger spills