Testimonials: Hear From Our Students!

Matt Segrist (BS/MA 2017), Enterprise Intelligence Insight Analyst, Post Holdings, Inc.

Adam Richardson (BS/MA 2011), Manager of Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Centene Corporation

Andrea Ellis (BS 2015; currently attending St. Louis University School of Law)

Majana Reis (BS/MA 2005), Senior Manager, International Tax Services, Ernst & Young

Derek Steiner (BS/MA 2016), Associate Business Manager, AT&T

Craig Young (BS 2013), Associate Consultant - Information Management, Daugherty Business Solutions, St. Louis

Elise Barry (BS 2012), Project Analyst, CrowdSource

Guarav Tiwari (MA 2006), State Street Bank, Boston

David Bryan (MA 2010), Model Validation Analyst, US Bank


Michael D. Thomas (MA 2005), (PhD 2009 George Mason University)

Jennifer Lewis (BA 2008/MA 2011), Economist in the Office of Administration - Budget and Planning Division, State of Missouri