UMSL Optometry and UMSL Pre-Health currently offer students the opportunity to earn an undergraduate degree and Doctor of Optometry degree in seven years instead of the traditional eight year plan. The 3+4 program includes a rigorous dedicated course track, and is designed to prepare the student for admission into the OD program at UMSL Optometry 1. Students who are part of the Optometry 3+4 Program will earn a Bachelor's of Liberal Studies degree after the completion of their first year of the optometry program.

Students must fill out the Bachelor's of Liberal Studies (BLS) Application as part of compliance with the 3+4 Program; however, if they are approved to pursue a Biology degree, this requirement is waived, but will include additional Biology courses.

Once admitted into the College of Optometry, students will receive their BLS after the completion of their first semester. Students must apply for undergraduate graduation prior to matriculation into the College of Optometry.

Students interested in the Optometry 3+4 program should contact the office of Pre-Health advising at (314) 516-5501 or by email The office is located at 303 Lucas Hall.

Requirements of the 3+4 Program include:

- Evaluation Profile
- Signed Waiver Forms
- Signed agreement to inform the Pre-Health committee of formal acceptance into the College of Optometry

  • Students are required to maintain a 3.2 GPA, and receive a "B" or higher in all required courses
  • Students must earn an overall score of 300 or higher on the OAT and no score lower than a 280 in any section
  • Students will apply through OptomCAS for consideration of admission into the College of Optometry during the student's third year of their undergraduate program

All forms must be submitted between November 1st and March 30th

The committee interview for admittance into the 3+4 program will be scheduled as soon as everything is received by the pre-health advising office.

1Students are not automatically granted admissions into the optometry program. Additional factors are considered for admission, including OAT scores, interview, shadowing and extra-curricular activities