Missouri Optometric Student Association

The purpose of the Missouri Optometric Student Association (MOSA) is to provide a connection between optometry students and practicing optometrists in the state of Missouri. The organized body of optometrists in Missouri is the Missouri Optometric Association (MOA). MOSA is the student component that assists the MOA when needed at conferences and vision screenings, provides legislative support for the optometric profession in Missouri, and acquaints Missouri residents and non-residents with Missouri optometrists.

Every optometry student at UMSL that becomes a member of the AOSA automatically is a member in the state association. Therefore, there is not a separate application or dues to be paid in order to become a member of the MOSA. The MOSA represents all students in the college of optometry.

The MOSA participates in legislative days in Jefferson City in order to promote the profession of optometry in cooperation with practicing optometrists. Also, the MOSA helps at the annual MOA convention in October. Occasionally guest speakers will also be sponsored by the MOSA to further educate students regarding the importance of volunteer service to optometry. Furthermore, MOSA works with the MOA to sponsor an evening to meet the Industry Alliance which is composed of vendors who partner with optometrists in professional practice in order to improve eye and vision care in Missouri. The MOA has also created a mentor program with optometrist throughout the state of Missouri that can be accessed on My Gateway for UMSL students of optometry.

Ultimately, the MOSA and AOSA work together for a common goal: To improve optometric care and promote the profession of optometry!