The College of Optometry is a wonderful place to obtain an exceptional didactic and clinical optometric education from a team of experienced faculty and support staff. Our faculty are highly regarded teachers, clinicians, and researchers who bring diverse backgrounds, talents and interests to the optometry program. This provides a stimulating intellectual environment in which students are provided more than the basics. At the College of Optometry we value an inquisitive mind in students, which serves as the foundation for lifelong learning. This is essential for the graduate to grow with future professional responsibilities in patient care practices, technology and knowledge so that our graduates will always provide the highest quality eye and vision care throughout their careers. Our graduates have become leaders in their communities professional organizations. College of Optometry graduates practice throughout the country, in many different settings. We are proud of the accomplishments and contributions of all of our graduates.

Our obligations and responsibilities are to our current and future patients and to the general public health. The needs of the patient are always primary. Our students understand these responsibilities and learn to adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards. Read about the Profession of Optometry here.

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Applying to the College of Optometry

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