Applicants interested in applying to the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Nursing PhD Program must complete the following steps:

Step 1:
Complete the UMSL Graduate Application Form. Please note: there is a $50.00, non-refundable application fee. Applicants should skip the testing portion of the application as GRE tests are no longer needed.

As part of the UMSL Graduate Application Form, you will be required to:
  • Provide official transcripts from all previous institutions
  • Have graduated from a nationally accredited baccalaureate or master's nursing program with a 3.25 minimum GPA (4.0 scale)
  • Obtain two letters of reference focusing on past academic achievement or capacity to accomplish future research or scholarship
  • Save this information but do not hit the submit button until the completion of Step 2
Step 2:
Return to the UMSL Graduate Application. Under the Academic History section, upload the following:
  • Official transcripts from all previous institutions (UMSL transcripts not required)
Step 3:
Return to the UMSL Graduate Application. Under the Statement of Purpose section, upload the following:
  • Research essay including:
    • Motivation for pursuing a PhD, the research focused doctorate (up to 500 words)
    • Briefly describe your research interests (up to 250 words)
    • Briefly describe future short or long-term career goals (up to 250 words)
  • Current CV/resume outlining previous education, work/volunteer experience, scholarly writing or projects of any kind (if you have these), leadership roles, honors, and awards
  • A copy of your nursing license issued by your U.S. state of residence or country of residence 

Step 4:
Continue in the UMSL Graduate Application. Under the Testing section, if you are an international student, upload the English proficiency test score.

Step 5:
Continue in the UMSL Graduate Application. Under the Department Essay section, upload the following:
  • Four essays addressing:
    • Learning: Describe how you think about and pursue learning in your profession (300 word max)
    • Diversity: Discuss a nursing practice experience that changed or impacted your understanding of diversity and why (300 word max)
    • Meaningfulness: Describe an activity that brings meaning to your life (300 word max)
    • Leadership: Describe direct or indirect leadership experiences you have had (300 word max)

Step 6:
Sign and submit the application.

Application Deadline for Fall Enrollment: Applications for the PhD program are due January 15 for early acceptance. After January 15, rolling admissions across semesters.
International Students: Given the time required to process international applications, all international applicants must apply by the deadline of May 1 for fall admission and October 1 for spring admission. Students will be evaluated regarding English proficiency. Begin the graduate admissions process at UMSL International Admissions.