The PhD program is designed for students seeking a traditional research doctorate with the desire to master both the broad discipline of nursing as well as the depth of a specific area of study. The PhD graduate is dedicated to the advancement of the knowledge and science of nursing, the stewardship of the profession, and educating new nurse researchers. 

We are glad of your interest in the PhD Program. The goals of our collaborative time together are to:

  1. Develop expertise and knowledge to establish a program of research and scholarship.
  2. Translate nursing research into practice and policy to improve health and healthcare systems.
  3. Provide leadership to effect change in healthcare practice, policy, and education issues by collaboration and partnerships.
  4. Collaborate effectively with interdisciplinary teams.
  5. Improve the healthcare quality of life, individuals/families/communities regionally, nationally and internationally.

At UMSL College of Nursing’s PhD program, we transform lives. Faculty will assist you to accomplish the following:

  • Publishing
  • Presenting
  • Analyzing information and research methods
  • Synthesizing theories from nursing, natural, or behavioral sciences for application
  • Synthesizing published research
  • Conducting one in-depth research study, the dissertation

In summary, the PhD curriculum is fully online (95% asynchronous and 5% synchronous) in nursing science, theory, research, statistics, and cognates that may be taken throughout the University of Missouri system. Some courses also have a face-to-face option for international students and other students with special needs. The PhD culminates in the student’s design, implementation, and completion of dissertation research under supervision of the graduate faculty. Dissertations demonstrate scientific competencies and a contribution to the discipline and practice of nursing.

For more information, contact the PhD Program Director, Anne F. Fish (PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN), at or the College of Nursing Office of Student Services.