Honors College Merit Scholarships

Each Honors College student admitted in good standing qualifies for an Honors College Merit Scholarship or a Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship.These scholarships are offered in addition to any other scholarships awarded by UMSL and are renewable as long as the student continues to:
  • follow the Honors curriculum, details of which may be found in the College Handbook.
  • register for and satisfactorily complete at least 12 credit hours per semester.
  • maintain a 3.20 cumulative UMSL GPA.
Honors College Merit Scholarship amounts are offered to students on an individual basis after they have been accepted to the Honors College.

Named Scholarships

Many Honors College students qualify for Named Scholarships, which are offered additionally to Honors College Scholarships and require a separate application. These scholarships are funded by generous donations to the Honors College by corporate, individual, and other sponsors.  They require a separate application process, including an essay.  The scholarships fund many different student populations; a partial list includes individual scholarships for engineering majors, first generation students, St. Louis city residents, business majors, students practicing nature photography, and many others.

Additional Scholarships

Along with named scholarships offered to students in the Honors College, UMSL has additional scholarships available to its students each year. These scholarships require students to fill out an additional form.