Transferring engineering courses:

Engineering courses are reviewed by Washington University engineering faculty. Submit Engineering Course Evaluation Request Form with course description, syllabus, title and author of text to 

Engineering courses completed at schools outside the U.S.:

Credit completed outside of the United States cannot be evaluated before application. UMSL's Office of International Students & Scholars Services evaluates international coursework only at the time of application.

The Engineering Dept. uses a course validation process. Engineering courses must be validated prior to consideration for transfer credit. Once a student is admitted to the upper level engineering, they may discuss course validation with their WU faculty advisor. Validation requires enrollment in a WU Advisor approved upper level engineering course in the major, completed with an earned grade of C or higher. At that time, the engineering course may be reviewed for transfer credit. 


Normally admission to the Joint Engineering Program is granted to persons who have completed the preengineering program with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 over all mathematics, chemistry, physics, and introductory engineering courses (statics and dynamics). 

Admission Schedule:
Students may be admitted to the Joint Engineering Program upper level engineering fall, spring and summer. 

Preengineering GPA:

Students with less than a 2.75 grade point average, but at least a C, in all their science, engineering and mathematics courses may appeal and be admitted on a conditional basis.

Apply for Financial aid:

Financial aid is through the UMSL Financial Aid Office.

Apply for Scholarships:
Complete the UMSL Online Scholarship Application by April 1.