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Information Systems & Technology
Marketing (A-L)
Cybersecurity - Information Systems Emphasis

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Originally from Arkansas, I moved to Missouri last year with my husband, two children, and our affectionate cat, Lia. I absolutely love Higher Education and I have over 10 years in the field. I have experience with Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Residence Life, and more. My educational background includes a Master of Science in College Student Personnel from Arkansas Tech University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Information Systems from the University of Central Arkansas.

I enjoy making simple crafts, experiencing the world through cuisine, listening to people’s stories, and learning how to say "Hello" in different languages. When I'm not at work, you can find me enjoying my family, watching anime, taking a nap, or talking to strangers. Nothing warms my heart more than a genuine smile and nothing makes me more comfortable than a genuine personality. Everyone has a story. If I am part of it, my story will go on forever. I look forward to becoming part of your story of success!


Marketing is an important part of any business or organization and can enhance growth, increase profits, and help achieve the organization’s goals. Furthermore, marketing plays an important role in our society by enhancing our quality of life. Marketing involves the activities needed to facilitate an exchange. This covers selling products, services or ideas to both consumers and business buyers. Digital and Social Media Marketing is fast becoming a central element of today’s business. Many non-profit institutions are now enthusiastic users of marketing concepts; thus marketing majors find such untraditional areas as hospitals, churches, museums, universities and retirement homes often offer excellent entry-level opportunities for marketing majors in addition to such traditional firms as manufacturing and retail concerns.

To reiterate: The marketing field involves understanding consumers (individuals or companies) through research and the best way to interest them in purchasing your product, service or experience.

Information Systems and Technology

Information Systems and Technology(IS) are of vital importance organizations and IS professionals fill key roles such as systems analysts and designers, database administrators, network administrators, cybersecurity officers, web designers, project managers, software testers and technical writers.  They think strategically about selecting, deploying and utilizing IS for organizational efficiency and competitive advantage.  UMSL’s IS program provides students with a foundation in both the functional areas of business and in computing technologies.  This unique blend enables graduates to appreciate the strategic role of technology, formulate a vision for IS and communicate that vision to stakeholders.  Students are prepared to pursue both technical and managerial careers incorporating leading edge technologies in public and private organizations.

Cybersecurity, Information Systems and Technology Emphasis

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Cybersecurity degree is a STEM designated, CIP Code 11.1003 (Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance) interdisciplinary program jointly provided by the departments of Information Systems and Technology (College of Business Administration) and Computer Science (College of Arts and Science). Given cybersecurity is both a technical as well as a management issue facing organizations, the program is designed to be multi-disciplinary in its curriculum and espouses to remain nimble given the rapid pace of change in this field.

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