UMSL’s Supply Chain & Analytics department is focused on delivering value to the region’s business community through strong collaboration, preparing students for success and conducting impactful research. Our Industry Partners have direct access to the region’s only public research university, with benefits including recruiting students, learning about the latest research, and engaging with our faculty to help you solve difficult supply chain and analytics problems.

Industry Partners can have employees speak in our supply chain and analytics classes. These speaking engagements have a positive and lasting impact on our students’ ability to connect what they learn in class with what is happening in business while providing our Partners with a first-look at future professionals.
Industry Partners can offer students tours of their facilities (coordinated through our student-run Supply Chain Club). Seeing your facility helps our students understand how supply chains operate, provides them exposure to your workplace, and supports their transition from student to business professional.
Industry Partners can participate in each semester’s Supply Chain Club networking and education events that connect students with business professionals. This includes Panel Discussions on current topics, a range of educational presentations and our annual “Speed Networking Event” where business professionals meet with rotating groups of students to discuss supply chain and analytics.
Industry Partners are asked to serve as Mentors to high potential students. UMSL students gain the experience of professionals who can guide them from school to career, give them a better understanding of the business world and help them envision successful career paths. Partners benefit by mentoring a soon-to-be graduate who can offer candid input on what students and young professionals are thinking, all while developing what can be a life-long relationship. It is incredibly rewarding to watch your protégé grow and progress in their career.
The Faculty - Industry Executive pairing program helps each side gain an understanding of the other side’s world. Executives benefit from a better understanding of curriculum development and instruction, academic research, and college students. Faculty benefit by understanding current industry needs, as well as the impact of their teaching and research on business.
Some classes include a multi-week project to connect classroom knowledge to real-world experience and professional organizations. Partners have the opportunity to offer a small problem or project to a team of students for their class project. Students benefit by working on a real-world project, being challenged in their thought processes by company project liaisons and by developing and defending solutions. Companies benefit from gaining a fresh perspective on a problem area and by getting to see students (possible future employees) in action.
The College maintains a very active internship program that places undergraduate and graduate students with companies for an entire semester. Graduate student engagements for masters or doctoral students often involve intensive analytical activities in greater depth than with class projects. Students benefit by working on a challenging problem in a professional environment, and the companies benefit from a more complete analysis than is feasible in a class project.

The highest level of interaction with our department is an applied research project. These engagements involve one or more faculty members working with a graduate student to solve a difficult problem. These projects are great for problems that need deep analytical and supply chain knowledge that may not reside or be available at your company. Our faculty will work with your team to define and understand the problem, identify and gather the data, develop the model and conduct sensitivity analysis to support the decisions you make to solve the problem. Your team can co-author the scholarly articles that our faculty will write at the completion of the project.

The best problems for an applied research grant:

· Require answers and insights

· Would benefit from new knowledge versus applying an existing model or process

· Can be published in the academic literature


Engaging with Industry helps us stay current on new challenges, state-of-the-art practices, provides internship and career opportunities for our students, and makes a positive impact on the St. Louis region. Engage with us!