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Grace's Place Contributors

We are grateful for all of their contributions!

Grace's Designers:

The following individuals have provided financial donations of $250-$499 this year.

Vicki L. Sauter
Joseph S. Martinich
Michael E. VanVooren, BSBA (MIS) 1994

Grace's Analysts:

The following individuals have provided financial donations of $100-$249 this year.

Brian Lawton, MS MIS 2000
Richard Navarro

Grace's Programmers:

The following individuals have provided financial donations of $50-$99 this year.

Beth Anderson, BS Mathematics 1972
David A. Bird
James F. Campbell
Jian Wang, MS MIS 2001

Grace's Friends:

The following individuals have provided donations of equipment and/or expertise to the building the exhibit.

Accenture, LLC
Accounting Area
Gary and Beth Anderson, BS Math 1972
Pollyanna Appleton, BS CSc 2003
Marcel Bechtold
Jerry Bennett
Biology Department
David Bird
Joan Busse
James F. Campbell
Michael Cornish, MBA 2005
Corning Cable Systems
Ray Creely, BSBA (MIS) 1979 
Shane Daey, BSBA 1994
Tom Driscoll
Steve Epner
Heather P. Feltmann
Mary Fowler, MS MIS 1993
Sharon Fritz
David Ganz
David Gaule, MS MIS 2000 
Tony Germanceri, BS MIS 2004
Glen Gleeson, BSBA 2000
Greg Goe 
M.J. Goerke
Brian G. Gordon
Jenny Gordon, BA 2005
Mary Grattendick, MS MIS 1988
James Grove
David Hogenmiller
Tom Holt, PhD 2005
Dafna Hopkins, MS MIS 1984
Madelynn Hopson, MEd 1982
Doug Hughey 
Dale Iffrig, BSBA (MIS) 1990
Information Technology Services
Marty Jones, BS MIS 1999
Michael Kelly
Ryan Kolter, BS IS 2008
Shaji Khan
Joel Laws
Brian Lawton, MS MIS 2000
Kyootai Lee
Don Lewis, BSBA 1983
Peter Manissi in Memory of
  Tom Driscoll
Joseph Martinich
Chris May
  Robert Mayo II, BSBA 1979 
Linda Mercer
Kevin D. Meyer, BS MIS 2003
Mary Beth Mohrman
Rae Mohrmann, MEd 1976
Richard Moreland
Srikanth Mudigonda
Roy Muenks, BS MIS 2004
Raleigh Muns
Richard Navarro 
Satish Nayak
George Niehaus
James R. Nolan 
Chris Novack, MS IS 2008 
Gary Obernuefemann, MBA 1988 
Margaret O'Connor, MFA 1999
Tom O'Hanlon, BSBA (MIS) 1981
Laura Patterson, BLS 2007
Gene Pepper
Don Peterson
Margaret Phillips 
Paul Pratte, BSBA 1980
Rabo Agrifinance, Inc.
Helen Rapsilber
Rick Ritthamel, MS MIS 1994 
David Ronen
Paul Roth
Joseph Rottman, MS MIS 1995
Prasad Rudramuniyaiah
Vicki Sauter
Andrew Schwartz
Scott Shaw
Dennis Shi, MS MIS 2005
Jerry Siegel
Glen Smith, BS MIS 1990
L. Douglas Smith
Don Tabor
Technology Support Center
Rick Thornberg 
James Tierney
Michael VanVooren, BSBA (MIS) 1994 
Jay Wang, MS MIS 2001
J. Christopher Wells
Larry Wildman, BS MIS 2002
Mark Wilkinson
Aihua Yan
Daniel Young 
Joseph Zerbolio