Kellie Kube

Director, Autonomous Systems, Supply Chain, Defense, Space & Security

UMSL Business – Supply Chain & Analytics Advisory Board


Kellie Kube is the director of Autonomous Systems and MQ-25 for Boeing Defense, Space and Security (BDS) Supply Chain.  She reports directly to Scott Strode and is a member of his leadership team. In this role, Kube will focus on MQ-25 Supply Chain execution and lead the vast portfolio in Autonomous Systems supporting Kristin Robertson and sitting on her leadership team.  Kristin Robertson is the Vice President and General Manager of Autonomous Systems for BDS.  Autonomous Systems Supply Chain is responsible for businesses of AM&MS, QF16, S100, ES&IS and the Supply Chain focal for subsidiaries of Insitu, Liquid Robotics, Argon, DRT, and BI&A.

Prior to her current role, Kube served as the director of Supply Chain for Weapons programs, and Commodities and Services for the Potomac and St. Louis regions. In her Weapons role, Kube supported the St. Charles and Huntsville Weapons programs including, JDAM, SDB, Harpoon, SLAM-ER,

PAC-3 seekers among others. In her commodities and services role, she supported services, including the Technical Services Center of Excellence and St. Louis Services, supporting the Training Systems business, the Boeing Tube Shop, Raw Material, COTS Software Center of Excellence, Warehousing Services Center of Excellence, F22 Program, St. Louis Labs and Complex Support Equipment contracting team.

Previously, Kube held numerous positions within BDS Supply Chain. She was a senior manager in Global Sales and Services (GS&S) on the Defense Logistics Agency Supply Chain Business Team, was responsible for the supply chain support and execution for Phantom Works Proprietary Programs in St. Louis, and also worked on a variety of programs, including P-8, GS&S TAWS Team, F/A-18 production and numerous large, legacy aircraft platforms, including B-52 and KC-135. 

Kellie has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Webster University in St. Louis, Mo. and a bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing from the University of Missouri, St. Louis.