Dr. Chikako Usui


Sociology B.S. Core (21 hours)
SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology (MOTR SOCI 101) 3
SOC 1040 Social Problems 3
or SOC 1241 Globalization and Social Change
SOC 2160 Social Psychology 3
SOC 3210 Sociological Theory 3
SOC 3220 Quantitative Data Analysis in Social Science Research 1 3
SOC 3230 Research Methods 3
SOC 4040 Survey Research Practicum for Sociology 3
Total Hours 21

Concentration (9 hours)

Students seeking a B.S. in Sociology must complete one of the following concentration choices:

A. Urban Sociology

B. Sociology of Health and Aging

C. Gender and Families

D. Military Sociology

A. Urban Sociology
SOC 1999 The City 3
SOC 2202 Urban Sociology 3
SOC 3344 Problems of Urban Community 3
Total Hours 9
B. Sociology of Health and Aging
SOC/GERON 2170 Aging in America: Concepts & Controversies 3
SOC/GERON 2300 Social and Community Services for an Aging Population 3
SOC/GERON 3400 Environment, Society, and Aging 3
Total Hours 9
C. Gender and Families
SOC/GS 2102 Introduction to Gender Studies 3
SOC 2103/GS 2102 Gender Roles in Society 3
SOC 3243 Marriage, Family and Kinship
Total Hours 6
D. Military Sociology
SOC 2801/MVS 2100 Veterans in American Society 3
SOC 2802/MVS 2130 Gender and the Military 3
SOC 3801 Military Sociology 3

Electives (6 hours)

Students must complete at least 3 hours of SOC at the 4000-level and an additional 3 hours of SOC at the 2000-level or above. GERO, GS, MVS or other courses may be substituted with approval of the faculty advisor.

Pursuing a second concentration is encouraged.