Veterans Studies provides a researched-based curriculum for students interested in studying the veteran experience and enables success for current and future veterans on the UMSL campus and beyond.

Academic Programs

Veterans Studies provides academic programs leading to an undergraduate minor or a bachelor’s degree (through the interdisciplinary studies program).  Coursework is multidisciplinary and it is designed for students of any background and any major. Veterans Studies students will graduate with a nuance understanding of the military and veteran experience, the role veterans play in our society, and the obligations our society might hold towards this subset of our population. 

Minor in Veterans Studies

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • In concert with the Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies program, an exceptional student could “create” his or her own 36-hour interdisciplinary major studying the veteran experience. The B.I.S. provides a flexible, individualized program of study for the self-directed learner. It is developed by each student with advisement by UMSL professional advisers and faculty, and it is intended for students who have unique educational goals that cannot be met by any other UMSL degree program.

Course Information

Veterans Studies Courses


Teaching Professor James Craig
574 Clark Hall

Veterans Center

The UMSL Veterans Center exists to assist veterans in their transition from military to campus life.  It is a one-stop resource center, staffed by professional staff, student veterans and veteran volunteers, each committed to facilitating and coordinating the overall integration of veterans into the UMSL academic community.  The UMSL Veterans Center is UMSL Veterans serving UMSL Veterans!