GS 5031 Advanced History Of Women In The United States: 3 semester hours
Prerequisites: Graduate standing. Development of women's economic, political, and social roles in the United States with special emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: women and work; women and the family; women and reform movements; women and education; feminist theorists and activists; images of women.

GS 5032 Advanced History Of Women In Comparative Cultures: 3 semester hours
Prerequisites: Graduate standing. An introduction to the historical development of women's status in a variety of cultures and periods within the areas of Africa, Europe, the Far East, Latin America, and the Middle East. The course analyzes women's political, economic, familial, and sexual roles and the economic, demographic, ideological, and political forces which promoted change and continuity in these roles.

GS 5033 Sexuality And Gender Theory: 3 semester hours
Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Course examines the ways in which contemporary sexuality and gender theory have challenged and changed the study of culture and history. The course introduces students to sexuality and gender theory in late twentieth and early twenty-first century contexts.

GS 5040 Feminist Critical Theory: 3 semester hours
Prerequisites: Graduate Standing and consent of instructor. Same as ENGL 5040. A consideration of feminist critical theory as a means of reassessing literary texts and our cultural heritage. After exploring the roots of feminist criticism, the seminar will examine Anglo-American and continental debates on theories of language, writing and representation. In providing an interdisciplinary context the course will consider studies in psychology, anthropology, history, and philosophy/theology which have influenced and enriched feminist approaches to literature.

GS 5053 Advanced Studies In African-American History: 3 semester hours
Prerequisites: Graduate Standing. Course introduces some of the themes of African-American women's history. By examining the impact of region, gender, and class on African-American women's experiences across time, the course highlights black women's applied and theoretical contributions to feminist politics and activism as well as the black struggle for freedom and equality. Topics covered include: slavery and emancipation, institution and community building, the family and work, electoral politics and direct action protest, civil rights, and contemporary issues.

GS 5350 Topics In Gender Studies: 3 semester hours
Prerequisites: Graduate standing and at least one Gender Studies course. This course will focus on a particular aspect of gender (to be announced prior to registration) and will draw upon recent theoretical and methodological work from a variety of disciplines.

GS 5450 Special Topics In Gender Studies: 3 semester hours
Prerequisites: Graduate standing or consent of instructor. Special topics at the Graduate level examined from a gender perspective in the field of anthropology, art history, criminology, economics, English, foreign language, history philosophy, political science, psychology, social work, sociology, business, or others. Topics and departments vary by semester.

GS 5500 Foundations Of Human Behavior In The Social Environment: 3 semester hours
Same as SOC WK 5500. Prerequisites: SOC WK 3150 or equivalent or admission to the MSW program. Focuses on theoretical and empirical understanding of human behavior in the social environment using a life-span perspective Introduces biological, behavioral, cognitive, and sociocultural theories of individuals, families, and small groups, and their implications for the professional social worker's understanding of socioeconomic status, gender, disability, ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation.

GS 5635 Social Work Practice With Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Populations: 3 semester hours
Same as SOC WK 5635. Prerequisites: SOC WK 5100 and SOC WK 5500. This advanced practice course focuses on developing the theoretical and empirical knowledge and practice skills necessary for effective social work practice with lesbian, gay male, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons and their families. This course aims to explore deeper understanding of LGBT identities, families, health and mental health challenges, and issues of political advocacy.

GS 5700 Diversity, Social Justice And Social Practice: 3 semester hours
Same as SOC WK 5700. Prerequisites: Graduate Standing. Analyzes the structure, dynamics, and consequences of social and economic injustice, and the impact on diverse groups in American society. Examines theoretical models and practice principles for work with diverse groups.

GS 5940 Seminar In Gender And Literature: 3 semester hours
Same as ENGL 5940. Gender studies in literature of different periods, types, and genres; satisfies area requirement (1-6) appropriate to its period, national literature, and genre.

GS 6350 Gender, Language and Identity: 3 semester hours
Same as TCH ED 6350. Prerequisites: Graduate Standing. An interdisciplinary look at the ways gendered and racial identities get developed and shaped through language and culture. Readings will address the complex, yet sometimes invisible, ways that identity, language and gender intersect, creating and assigning roles, responsibilities, and possible selves to individuals and groups in a global world.

GS 6353 Graduate Internship In Gender Studies: 1-6 semester hours
Prerequisites: Graduate standing and consent of director. Provides an opportunity for the Graduate Gender Studies student to acquire "real world" experience working in a non-profit, political, economic, or social service organization with a gender focus.

GS 6410 Women and Mental Health: 3 semester hours
Same as PSYCH 7410. Prerequisites: Admission to the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology or consent of the instructor. This course will focus on contemporary research on the psychology of women pertaining to mental health issues. Etiology and treatment of disorders disproportionately affecting women will be emphasized.

GS 6435 Gender, Crime And Criminal Justice: 3 semester hours
Same as CRIMIN 6435. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing. Course provides an analysis of theories of crime, crime processing and gender. Topics examined include the role of gender in criminal offending and victimization. The impact of gender on criminal/juvenile justice system processing and treatment will be addressed.

GS 6446 Sex Crime: 3 semester hours
Same as CRIMIN 6446. Prerequisites: Graduate Standing and consent of instructor. Examination of consensual and non-consensual sexual offending. Topics include historical development of laws regulating sexual conduct, controversies surrounding the application of these laws, and the nature and distribution of sexual offenses.

GS 6450 Seminar In Gender Studies: 3 semester hours

GS 6452 Special Readings In Gender Studies: 3 semester hours