whiteRacheal White

Bachelors of Liberal Studies
Political Science
Public Policy Administration
International Relations

My English professor at UMSL once said, “Knowledge is power.” It is a saying that I had heard many times before, but when she said it at that time, it resonated with me; I have never forgotten how I felt during the moment in class she said that—like my sense of the world expanded far beyond what I thought I knew. Being a twice graduate of UMSL, receiving both my BA and MA in English, I have learned theories and facts from my professors, but I would not classify that as the whole, or most important experience, I had at UMSL. I was a student, but I also worked as a tour guide in the Welcome Center, a peer mentor for New Student and Transfer Orientation, a DJ for the U—UMSL’s student radio station, and the secretary for the Japan America Student Association. By being involved in the UMSL community, I developed a strong sense of myself, my goals, my interests, and what I feel most passionate about. My goal, interest, and passion is working with students to help them have their own life-changing experiences while at UMSL. UMSL is not just a place where one learns about a subject or earns a degree, it is a place where one gains knowledge about the world, the community, and the self; that knowledge has the power to transform lives. As an academic advisor in the College of Arts and Science, I am thrilled and honored to be part of each student’s journey at UMSL.