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Sally Barr Ebest

Professor Emeritus
453 Lucas Hall

PhD, Indiana University
MA, Ball State University
BA, Ball State University

Sally Barr Ebest's popular and always lively classes cover a fascinating variety of topics and are evidence of her diverse interest and knowledge. Most recently she has taught Writing Autobiography; Irish and Irish American Women Writers; Teaching as a Feminist; Writing-Reading Theory; and Theories of Writing. "For any class," Professor Ebest writes, "my primary goal is to teach in such a way that the students learn, understand, and can apply the material. To reach this goal, my secondary purpose is to make the subject matter personally relevant and interesting and if possible, to make learning fun and exciting."

Professor Ebest has edited and written many books, including Writing From A to Z; Reconciling Catholicism and Feminism?; Changing the Way We Teach: Writing and Resistance in the Training of Teaching AssistantsToo Smart to be Sentimental: Contemporary Irish American Women Writers; and most recently, The Banshees: A Literary History of Irish American Women Writers.