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In response to the incredible circumstance we find ourselves in, the Spring 2021 Graphic Design class is fortunate to be able to share their work and purpose with you here: empowering designers to make great work and connecting them with companies who need their talent as well as inspiring prospective students who might consider enrolling in our program. We encourage you to look through their projects and reach out to the designers whose work resonates with you. 

Graphic Design Seniors:

Katie Cartee

Destini Clark 

Cade Crites

Faith Ferguson 

Kaley Humphrey 

Nick Magelizt  

Anel Mehmedovic 

Tanner Moritz 

Miranda Murray 

Marlena Neal 

Dzana Parla 

Landon Ruan

Concepcion Salazar 

Zack Scholl 

Elyse Seibel 

Dylan Stevens 

Brandon Steward 

Rebekah Walker

Dani Wegman 

Chris Young

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Regardless of the challenges the pandemic has brought, the individuals represented in this online portfolio have stepped up with strength and commitment to meet the challenge and move their educational, artistic, and life journeys forward. All of us in the department of Art & Design at UMSL could not be prouder of them. As you move through the portfolios, you will meet these individuals through their bios, learn about their practices and concepts in their artist statements, and see the great work they produced while studying with us at UMSL’s Department of Art & Design. With great respect and admiration, we present and congratulate the class of 2021.

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