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Ideal Curriculum

There are a few general principles for getting the most out of your general education and the anthropology major:

Move from the general to the specific:
Get your general education requirements out of the way early and save specialized anthropology classes for later. Get started on the foreign language requirement as soon as possible. Complete the math proficiency requirement as soon as possible.

Begin with lower-level courses and move to higher-level courses: 
Take Anthropology 1005 and Anthropology 1011 at the beginning.

Keep in mind that most of the anthropology core courses are only offered once a year: 
In the fall, we teach 4301 and 4308; in the spring, 3202 and 4315. Anthropology 3202 should be taken before Anthropology 4301. Anthropology 4301 is designed to be taken at the same time as 4308, but can also be taken separately.

Take these courses in this order:

  1. your statistics course (Soc 3220 or equivalent),
  2. Anthropology 4308 or 4310 and Anthropology 4315. Each is a prerequisite for the following course: Take Anthropology 4315 in the Winter semester of your last year. These courses are the capstone of your undergraduate career.

Expand your horizons:
Take courses in many other disciplines, and don't take all of your elective hours in anthropology. Try to combine the anthropology major with a minor or with one of the certificates listed.

Try to arrange an internship in your junior or senior years:
Ideally, an internship should give you practical experience that helps you get a job after you graduate.

SUGGESTED schedule (This is only a guideline!) Since most of our students transfer from other schools or majors, a three-year sequence is given below for the required courses. This assumes that the student has been working on the general education requirements since Year 1.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Fall Semester Anthro 1005 or 1011

2100-2199-level archaeology or culture area course

3200-3299-level anthro course Anthro 4308 or 4310

3200-3299-level anthro course

Winter Semester Anthro 1005 or 1011

2100-2199-level archaeology or culture area course

Anthro 3202

Soc 3220 (or any college-level statistics course)*

Anthro 4315

*Soc 10 (1010) is listed as a prerequisite for Soc 3220, but Sociology will accept Anthro 1011 in its place.