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Grad School Tips

Graduate schools have become increasingly competitive in the last few years. A number of strategies can help you improve your chances of admission into graduate programs, but they can all be summarized in one sentence: Get to know your professors at UMSL and ask for their help!

In addition to considering the undergraduate grade point average and the GRE scores, graduate programs also request several letters of recommendation:
Faculty members are more than happy to write strong recommendations if they know you well and are confident in your ability.  Get to know several faculty members and discuss your graduate school aspirations with them.

Graduate programs are looking for students with focused goals and experience related to those goals:
Pinpoint the area of the world and the topics that you are interested in, and acquire some background in them. Your faculty mentors will help you express these interests concisely and convincingly in your graduate school application.

Ask a faculty member to help you find out which graduate programs are strong in your fields of interest:
Contact the members of the prospective department who work in your field to introduce yourself, ask about their work, and let them know you intend to apply to the program.  Often, an UMSL faculty member will know someone in the prospective department and can ask that person to look out for your application. Utilize the social networks already possessed by your professors.