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Department of Anthropology Study Abroad Scholarships

The Department of Anthropology of the University of Missouri - St. Louis awards between one and three scholarships in the spring of each year, to be applied toward study abroad in the summer or following academic year.  The scholarships are open to full-time undergraduate students with a major in anthropology.  Depending on the funds available, the scholarships are normally $500.00 each and are awarded on the basis of academic performance and potential.  The scholarship is especially targeted to majors who have plans to go on to graduate school in anthropology or a related discipline, but others may also apply.


  1. Academic transcripts
  2. One letter of reference from a professor familiar with the student’s academic career
  3. One-page essay (single-spaced) explaining why the student has chosen this particular study abroad option, and how this fits into his or her overall academic career and goals.  If applicable, the essay should describe the student’s plans for graduate school and state how this study abroad experience will contribute to them. 

The application packet should be submitted to:

The Anthropology Scholarship Committee
Department of Anthropology 
507 Clark Hall
University of Missouri 
St. Louis, MO. 63121

Deadline: At least one month before the start of the program.