To declare a major, students need to speak with an advisor in the college that offers their major to fill out a Change of Major form. If the student is changing colleges (i.e. from College of Business Administration to the College of Education) students will need to also fill out a Program/Plan Change form.

Some programs, like Nursing, Social Work, and Engineering, require additional pre-requisites and students should meet with an advisor from these programs before applying to them.

Advising Locations

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) 303 Lucas Hall
College of Business Administration (COBA) 487 Social Sciences Building
College of Education (COE) 115 Marillac Hall
College of Nursing (CON) Nursing Administration Building
Pierre Laclede Honors College (PLHC) 109 Provincial House
School of Social Work 121 Bellerive Hall
UMSL/Washington University Joint Engineering Program B228 Benton Hall