• Every resume sent should be accompanied by a one page cover letter
  • Cover letters should be individually typed (not copied) and addressed to specific person if possible
  • Resumes and cover letters get a 30-60 second read - make it easy for them to understand your value
  • Limit paragraphs to 3-4 short simple sentences, and use spell check
  • Include the date, your personal address and phone number, a work phone number if appropriate, and an email address if you check it daily
  • Use appropriate salutation: "Dear Mr. or Ms."
  • Use correct name, title, company name, and address—call to verify information if unsure
  • Close your letter with an appropriate business closing: "Sincerely,"
  • Type your name leaving space above it for your signature

First Paragraph - Introduction

  • Why you are writing
  • How you found out about this position - mention source of lead, i.e. Career Services, newspaper, or person who referred you

Second Paragraph - Sell Yourself

  • Summarize your abilities and education, introduce yourself in terms of your skills and qualifications
  • State why you are interested in the position
  • Tie your interests and talents to the qualifications for the job
  • Refer to your attached resume

Third Paragraph - Show Your Interest

  • Explain how your experience and skills can benefit the company
  • Describe specific accomplishments or skills that relate to the position
  • Mention special personal qualities
  • Be sure to tell the employer what you can do for the organization rather than what the organization can do for you

Last Paragraph - Closing

  • Repeat your interest and match for the position
  • Specify plan of action, i.e. when you will call for an interview appointment, or that you will wait for their response
  • Thank the employer for their consideration of your qualifications for this position
  • Restate your contact information

Note:  It is okay to combine paragraph two and three by selling yourself and showing your interest in one paragraph

Don't forget to send a Thank You letter after the interview. It can be what "gets you the job"!

To attend a workshop about resume and interview skills, visit Career Services, 278 Millennium Student Center, or call (314) 516-5111.