GoinGlobal is an online resource that provides professional advice and employment information for over 28 countries and 40 US cities. Here is some of the information you will find on GoingGlobal:

• Job Search Resources: general and specialized job sites, job fairs, newspapers, government-sponsored employment offices, headhunters/recruiters, internship programs and temporary staffing agencies
• Employer Directory
• Job and Internship Listings
Information on employment opportunities and trends
• Industry-specific trade and professional organization information and links: issues of special concern for foreign professionals, education requirements, trade associations, and industry web sites
• Business resources: Trade Councils, Chambers of Commerce, and other professional networking organizations
• Work permit and visa regulations
• Finance and compensation information: taxes, cost of living, medical insurance, vacation/leave, etc.
• Resume/CV writing guidelines and examples
• Cultural and interviewing advice
• Global Chat feature, where one can seek advice on working, housing, entertainment, nightlife, and more. A GoinGlobal expert moderates the chat rooms to assure reliable and timely responses.
And so much more!

GoinGlobal is a free resource for UMSL students, faculty and staff offered through Career Services. Your account must be created while on the UMSL Campus.

To create your personal account, please follow the directions below.

Step 1:

Go to the GoinGlobal webpage.

Step 2:

At the top right hand of the green banner, click on "Create Personal Account."

Step 3:

Fill in all required fields.

Step 4:

Once you create an account, you may log in to the resource and begin your career research, job search and/or personalize your account.

*Due to subscription guidelines, all users must first access GoinGlobal on the UMSL campus. During your first on-campus visit to GoinGlobal, you may create a personal account. After that initial visit, you may log into GoinGlobal at your convenience off-campus using your personal account. If you have any questions, you may contact Career Services at 314-516-5111 or careerservices@umsl.edu.