zsidisin_george_front.jpgDr. George Zsidisin

Director of the Center for Transportation Studies and Professor of Supply Chain Management
DBA | Management of Supply Chains

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Dr. George Zsidisin has conducted extensive research on how firms assess and manage supply disruptions and price volatility in their supply chains. He has published over 80 research and practitioner articles and seven books that have been cited over 6,900 times. His research on supply chain risk has been funded by the AT&T Foundation and IBM, and has received numerous awards, such as from the Institute for Supply Management, Deutsche Post, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, and the Decision Sciences Institute. Further, he is one of the initial founding members of the International Supply Chain Risk Management (ISCRiM) network, teaches and leads discussions on supply chain management and risk with various Executive Education Programs and numerous companies in the U.S. and Europe, is co-Editor Emeritus of the Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management and sits on the Editorial Review Board for several academic supply chain journals.