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About CSP

The Community Scholars Program (CSP) is an umbrella designation under which distinct Youth, Adult and Senior Scholars Programs are offered at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, a land grant institution.

Founded in Fall 2017, the CSP builds on a long history of non-credit and continuing education programming offered through various entities at UMSL over the years. The College of Arts & Sciences, which encompasses more than half of all students and degree programs, is home base for the CSP. Offerings will feature and highlight topics, courses and degree programs that define our College: from basic to social sciences, from math to computer sciences, from humanities to the performing and creative arts.

The CSP will grow and develop under a phased plan, starting with the Senior Scholars Program in Winter-Spring 2018. This first semester is structured as a pilot to test out our ideas and formulate a robust process for the future. A cohort of 30 Senior Scholars will participate in the pilot effort. They will take part in a full-day orientation retreat, enroll in one college level course of their choosing, and participate in monthly discussion review sessions as a large group. These first scholars will also advise Dr. Tom Meuser, CSP Coordinator and Interim Associate Dean, on how best to structure and market the program in the future. Partnerships with the St. Louis County Older Resident Programs and the St. Louis County Older Adult Commission will ensure the program's success now and in years to come.

The roll out of the Adult Scholars Program (ASP) will follow in Summer 2018 with a number of interesting, applied courses (e.g., involving golf, working with human remains, learning about St. Louis folklore). The ASP will include both brief and longer-term courses offered for personal learning and professional continuing education purposes. Our plan is to offer a number of ASP courses each semester thereafter.

Finally, the Youth Scholars Program (YSP) will be initiated in 2019. This effort requires more planning and consideration for the learning needs and schedules of our young neighbors. Other units at UMSL are also involved in youth programming, so we recognize the importance of collaboration and cooperation in this effort.

Above all, our mission for each of these programs is to open our doors at UMSL for wider learning with, among and for our neighbors. Welcoming new friends will enrich our campus life and learning community for all.

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