Coronavirus Impact on ACP

Based on the MDHE's latest statement regarding dual credit we can assure you that college credit will be granted as long as students complete their ACP college courses and receive a letter grade.

MDHE Statement:

Regarding dual credit course offerings while high schools are closed or moving toward online instructional learning, as dual credit courses are considered to be college courses, the same latitude is extended allowing for online and/or modified instruction as deemed necessary to accommodate for COVID-19 restrictions.

The following is a list of frequently asked questions that the ACP is receiving at this time.  The answers are all based on current information and may be subject to change as conditions warrant.


Will my student still receive college credit?

Yes, even though many schools have moved to online delivery, as long as students are able to earn a passing grade in the their ACP course they will receive college credit.

I registered for the AP Exam, but since they have moved the exam online and changed the content I would now like to register for dual credit, can I do that?

Yes, the ACP will allow students that are in an AP course in their high school to register for college credit.  We are currently working on a registration process.  Please check back in the next few days for instructions.

What if schools end their year early?

If a high school decides to end the school year early it is expected that since these courses are UMSL courses that students in ACP will continue to work with their instructor until such time as the learning objectives have been met and a grade can be issued.  Instructors will work with their ACP liaisons to ensure that all learning goals and objectives have been met.  Course expectations may change based on moving from face-to-face v online, but the overall objectives will remain the same.

What if I would like to drop at this time?

Any student who wishes to drop their ACP course should send an email to Bre Manore.  Please include your name, student ID (if you have it), high school, and course you wish to drop.  Students who drop will receive a full refund at this time.

Who should I contact if I have any further questions?

The ACP office is still operational, but we are working remotely.  The best way to reach us will be via email.  If you would like/need to speak with someone directly, please ask for a ZOOM meeting to be scheduled and give us the best time to reach you.

General Questions: Kathleen Burns, PhD

Drops and Reinstatements: Brienna Manore

Scholarships/scheduling: Katie Fraizer

For more information about how UMSL is dealing with the COVID-10 Pandemic please view the president's directive and chancellor's update messages.

And you may also visit our COVID-19 webpage for the latest information and for information and ideas for remote learning. 

More resources

The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) has collated guidance and resources, particularly around transitioning to online learning. Those can be accessed here. They have also established a list serv for sharing resources, which can be accessed by emailing

• Achieving the Dream (ATD) conducted a very well received webinar entitled "Guidance for Programs Pivoting to Online Instruction," which was conducted by ATD's Gateway to College National Network. The webinar was recorded and is available on YouTube for easy sharing - you can access that here.