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General Questions

• What is a credit hour? • How many credit hours does a student normally take each semester? • What are general education requirements? 

Advanced Credit Program Questions

• Do UMSL ACP courses transfer to other colleges or universities? • What if the college I go to doesn't accept the ACP courses I have taken? • Are my ACP course grades automatically sent to the university I plan to attend? • What if I do not pass my ACP Course?

What is a credit hour?
A credit hour is another term for semester hour. Most degrees require a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate. These credit hours must be completed by taking courses that fall within specific areas of study. These areas of study include the university's general education requirements, the school or college in which the student is enrolled (i.e. the College of Arts & Sciences, etc.), and the specific requirements of the student's area of specialization.

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How many credit hours does a student normally take each semester?
Typically, ACP students take between 3 and 6 credit hours per semester because they are also enrolled in non-ACP classes at their high schools as well. 

Undergraduate students on-campus must maintain the status of full-time student (12 credit hours per semester) to receive and keep financial aid. If a student only carries 12 hours each semester, however, they will not be able to graduate within four years. First semester freshmen are often encouraged to only take 12 hours to allow for adjustments necessary for a successful transition from the high school to college environment. Students most often increase their credit load during subsequent semesters and may, under special circumstances, be allowed to register for as many as 18 hours in a given semester.

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What are general education requirements?

Every college and university has a set of general education requirements that all student must meet in order to graduate regardless of degree or program. It is in the best interest of students to familiarize themselves with their college or university's general education requirements in order to gradate on time. If a student plans to attend UMSL after high school, please read about UMSL's general education requirements, many of which can be completed by ACP students while in high school. 

In addition, most degrees have a 13-hour foreign language requirement. High school students may satisfy their university foreign language requirement through Advanced Credit foreign language course offerings. There is also a Cultural Diversity requirement for students in most academic units. For more information about this and other requirements, see the graduation requirements page

Advanced Credit courses not fulfilling general education goals or foreign language, or cultural diversity may be used to satisfy graduation electives.

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Do UMSL ACP courses transfer to other colleges or universities?
If you are not sure that the college or university you are interested in accepts dual credit credits, this database, provided by the University of Connecticut, is meant to guide dual credit students who plan to transfer their college credit. This database is only to be used as a guide and cannot guarantee the success of credit transfer. All information is subject to change without notice.  

The general answer to this question is yes. In fact, the Missouri Department of Higher Education - Dual Credit Policy clearly states that up to five courses shall be assured in transfer to all public institutions and independent/propriety signatory institutions. It is ultimately the student's responsibility to consult with the college/university of their choice regarding the institution's specific course transfer policies.

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What if the college I go to doesn't accept the ACP courses I have taken?
We encourage students to consult with the college or university they are planning to attend to determine whether or not a course will be accepted before they register for the course. You will want to know what the institution's transfer policy is so you will be able to select courses that will transfer and meet specific general education requirements. If the college or university you attend does not accept a particular Advanced Credit course, UMSL will not provide a refund to you for the course.

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Are my ACP course grades automatically sent to the university I plan to attend?
No, your high school will forward only your high school transcript. When you enroll in an Advanced Credit course, you are assigned a UMSL student number, and a University transcript is established. Once your final grades are submitted by your high school teacher to the University and are posted to your student record, you must request an official University transcript be sent to your desired university. As an Advanced Credit student, the final grades you earn for your courses become a part of your permanent University record and appear on your transcript. (For information on how to request a transcript, see the ACP Student Guide.)

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What if I do not pass my ACP Course?
The grade submitted by your teacher at the end of the semester is the grade that will permanently appear on your official University transcript. This grade may be averaged in with other college/university courses to determine your GPA and will stay with you throughout your college career. If you are aware that you will earn a D or an F for your Advanced Credit course, we encourage you to officially drop the course with the University before your teacher assigns final grades and submits them to the University. If you decide to drop your course, contact the Advanced Credit office immediately at (314) 516-7005 to initiate the required paperwork.

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