Key Responses from the survey:

Needed only occasionally

Reliability / Technical difficulties ( slow access )

The following were the written comments to the survey:

"inadequate computers, software, printers, scanners. Our classes are supported by the department alone"
"need to organize materials for the courses before teaching in ATC"
"not an instructor"
"poor record of system reliability"
"teach in the library B.I. room"
"I do not teach regular courses & for library instruction we have our own equipment with special software configuration"
"unfamiliar with its operation"
"while teaching a course in the MAC AT classroom, significant amounts of time were wasted downloading software from the server"
"limited use"
"lack of training"
"the entire course is not on advanced technology"
"would love to use CD ROM interactive material for class teaching purposes"
"full time system administrator"
"interested in a room with computer projection, CD player, video system & slide projectors"
"did not know that I could teach in the ATC classroom"
"not teaching"
"difficult to get a classroom unless you plan to use it all semester, speed of the computers is another problem - many are too slow for graphics applications"
"others have encountered difficulties with equipment in technology classrooms - disincentive to develop materials. Network goes down frequently"
"I would like to use a classroom occasionally. But I would have to sign up for it more than I can usefully use it"
"under scheduling difficulties biggest problem is that our classes are not scheduled early enough & /or without it being clear we need these computer classrooms"
"I am currently not teaching due to administration appointment. The next time I do, I would like to use ATC 's but frankly the horror stories we have now are discouraging. Faculty can't schedule courses in the rooms yet we are told we can't have more until we use them. Some serious communication is needed"
"unnecessary for some classes"
"would like to use a room 1 or 2 times a semester and not for the whole semester"
"I could not get a room ! But I have worked in the past"
" I do not use computers in classroom, but support their use. I know from colleagues that there have been many problems. I will not even try to use computers in classroom until the staff support gets better"
" In CCJ we would like to use the classrooms, but none are large enough to meet our class sizes. I teach CCJ statistics with 70 students each semester"
"until either our departments' enrollments drop or we receive new faculty, we will be unable to use the rooms for our undergraduates. If I did have a smaller class size ( say 30 ) I would use SPSS PC / Windows in a room with an instructor station"