Key responses to the survey:
Web/Internet access
Statistical software
Other teaching software
Data storage & backup
Practically none

The following were the written comments to the survey:
"Primarily for e-mail"
"e-mail, web browsing"
"large datasets - from tape"
"e-mail and internet access, large-scale statistical manipulations"
"storing/backup of massive files, information to/from tapes"
"more that I know of"
"data analysis - SAS"
"telnet, merlin, current contents, some nmr software, cambridge data base, internet e-mail"
"accessing internet for research connected with teaching"
"e-mail, web page"
"Internet, e-mail, large data storage"
"support of instructors/professors who use them"
"GIS applications for teaching/research software"
"network connections, email, classroom software access, web browsing."
"dial up access"
"Statistics packages with large data sets"
"Web page maintenance, e-mail, storage-backup of large files"
"access to SAS, BMDP & SPSS - X"
"SPSSX - still have files in this system so do students"
"web, e-mail"
"Data storage, Large scale data sets - analysis"
"network access/e-mail etc, storage of teaching materials for students"
"Data entry, Analysis"
"manipulations of large data sets with SS, multiple measure & multiple assessments which require a lot of memory for the matrices"
"Statistical analysis"
"web sites, word processing programs, e-mail, web access, further teaching programs"
"accessing student files"
"student records"
" We are spending tons to get our own copies of Word, Excel etc when could work from central server. Present system of copies on lab server does not work well because it is painfully slow."
"e-mail, statistical packages"
"data analysis"
"to have access to Wordperfect in terms of 7.0 such as the different fonts and other characteristics. The ability to learn new ideas to improve the current system (6.0)"
"rarely use it"
"server for e-mail so accessible from home & office SPSS"
"web page, e-mail"
"e-mail, Web access."
"practically none"
"I was a mainframe user of high speed iterative statistical/econometrics packages. I am now fully PC - based in this regard"
"cms, e-mail"
"teaching mainframe applications development and systems
"until the mail system is implemented that will allow me & student access to mail back on/off campus, I believe e-mail is. Large data set analysis - SAS or SPSS & some specialized software are needed"
"I have the program and data for five advanced statistics courses on CMS. These are essential and both the students and I need access to this and e-mail while teaching the courses. The mailbox utility in CMS mail is essential to organize my correspondence."
"network access from on campus and from home"
"using large data sets and tapes"