Note that some give comments regarding trade-offs, some state high priority activities, and some state low priority activities.

"Allow depts to make computer choices for faculty. Many of us have little need for a good desk-top machine but need new machines for our lab, studio, or working environments. Since UMSL provides us with NO lab space, the desktop machines are useless for research and could be better used in a working environment."
"Yes, I would suggest allowing departments to pool part of the desktop funds in order to get a departmental portable instructor station."
"top priority for more computerized classrooms, dialup facility for faculty & students."
"All of the items mentioned will be fine with me. "
"probably limit free students dial up access and provide more computer labs"
"limit training sessions to one/semester for specific functions"
"high end desktop machines for all faculty may not be needed as quickly as planned."
"machines in labs more important than in classrooms, ATC largely a gimmick, necessary for a few applications but not for every nor even most types of teaching"
"limit number of dial-up lines, rather have more lab machines/instructor than more ATCs'."
"cut spending on video instructions. downsize personnel in OCNS to 1 0r 2 persons."
"have more helpdesk staff "
"more & better helpdesk staff - by paying them better, upgrade software regularly"
"Have better helpdesk persons, fewer hours. Portable units with department funds would be good."
"give up classroom stuff to support better student services (maintain labs & machines) and better resources for faculty use."
"more machines in labs."
"give us the choice of desktop vs laptop through the faculty desktop plan."
"would imply on adjusting class sizes, at least. "
"Instructor's classroom technology station for every classroom on campus, more machines in more labs, more help desk staff. "
"we need at least 25 student stations in classrooms. Some classrooms/labs can be established - use of dept support persons."
"we need departmental control of funds. Let the Dept. decide who needs to get new computers. I would give up my hardware to get adequate training & consulting (e.g in statistics)."
"I would not limit free dial-up access in order to have more help desk stuff."
"we have no machines in the classrooms."
"free dial-up access is very helpful. Unnecessary upgradation of faculty equipment is not required."
"allow department to pool in money."
"we have purchased our machines on Department funds. However we also hope that campus computing supplies classroom computers. We would be interested in arranging for that too."
"provide resources to those areas that benefit the community than to that of individual faculty needs "
"Computer classrooms are not as high priority as the student labs."
"don't need a lot in classroom labs for students. One mobile unit for faculty would do the job."
"we are replacing desk top systems too often, spending too much on classrooms that benefit only a few. Both of these could easily be scaled back."
"pool desktops for portable instructor stations, limit net time, secretarial support for more computer technology."
"limit dial up access to students to few hours a week. If they wish to use more time on internet, they can use commercial providers"
"enhancing quality of individual faculty desktop, computer classroom facilities, more dial up lines needed. Prefer to give up labs (students should be encourages to purchase their own computers), help desk not being helpful."
"reduce business applications in favor of growing components such as writing certificate in communications students, improve the help desk 's services."
"need computers in many classes and must limit no. of students in each class. Instructional computing should provide more computers to enable students to work their problems and for other purposes."
"highest priority is for everyone is to get a new machine."
"I would rather prefer that no one tamper the desktop program."
"Do not limit free dial - up access. It's virtually the air we breathe."
"spend 30 hrs last summer going to the Summer Institute. My conclusion was that it would be an incredible waste of my time to learn to do my own Web page - not worth the time it would take to learn given the infrequency of use. I really cannot believe we are being expected to be fluent in a new language. Training might work if courses were more applied."
"limit purchases of hardware for faculty - extend time for faculty desk top system upgrades. Provide only bare minimum of software for faculty - let faculty purchase specialized software or obtain freeware. Reduce administrative computing costs."
"Do not replace all machines on same cycle. Some (light) users could probably go 5-6 years without any upgrade or replacement."
"Fewer vice chancellors would be good."
"Historically, South campus has been denied equal opportunity to develop expertise & expand facilities. Leadership is in place to reward energies to develop technology applications, teaching & learning."
"limit free dial - up access."
"For me personally - dialup access is low priority - but not for others. ATC's - I am not sure now any course can profitably use them every day."
"more instructor stations in classrooms with overhead vs computer equipped classrooms."
"classroom really can only accommodate 12 - 15 students per section and need assistant to go to student stations and help them. limit computers in ATCs' for that reason."
"Fewer machines in classroom would be good because clever instructors can structure tasks to maximize instructional time to minimize computer time. Also many tasks can be done in small groups ( 4 students to 1 machine ). I would not limit dial-up access - the help at the help desk isn't that valuable. We could probably find colleagues to help - but if access is limited, what would the help desk help with? Site based management of desktop funds is good as long as units are held accountable for their decision."
"Longer cycle of turnover of machines in most disciplines, prudent recycling of older machines for low - tech demands - e,g word processing (dedicated) labs that are stocked with older machines would reduce demands on more specialized machines."
"Better email usage by helpdesk personnel. I should be able to mail \"slow\" needs."
"Quit bells & whistles, Quit expansion until we can handle what we have."
"Do not cut back on dial-up access services. Its difficult enough as it is. Perhaps some of the funds for the faculty desktop program could be channeled into the needs suggested in the previous column, whether directly or through dept. pools."
"I can get by with a classroom machine if it is a Mac with an overhead and if I can get reliable convenient access to a Mac lab, it must be South Campus if I am teaching on South Campus."
"I would eliminate the faculty desk top program, throw out all of the high technology classrooms and provide more individualized support."