Key responses to the survey:
Reliable, fast systems
Faculty support & training
Instructor stations
More software
Better lab equipment 

The following were the written comments to the survey:
"need access from office to student network"
"faculty need access to computer rooms"
"need more printers and department expert or manager"
"less technical problems and more knowledgeable assistants''
"for research and service"
"more printers are required"
"support, training, policies on AT classroom usage, color laser printer"
"Instructor station & training"
"more instructors stations in classrooms or portable instructors stations, better lab machines for students"
"some support of advanced, specialized software"
"ATC classrooms/student labs require more variety & power in desktop publishing and more reliability in internet access & local networks"
"fixed overhead mounted on the ceiling for the library B.I. room would be good"
"more classes using hardware that works"
"network for the lab"
"classrooms equipped for education use by design"
"changing our computers and acquire more training on using it"
"labs are disastrous - need better machines and properly trained help services"
"need a printer for my own"
"The department still needs additional hardware (computers, scanners, color & networked printers). Placing UNIX boxes in Benton hall would assist Biology graduate students"
"the printer needs to be repaired"
"same as previous requirement"
"more support & training for less knowledgeable faculty, CD Roms on all Macs' we use"
"need MIDI lab in or near music building"
"software for accepting homework, grading tests & posting grades, support for class interaction on the web"
"would like access to a computer statistical package"
"need network access from all of the wired classrooms we intend to use"
"more help for students"
"there needs to be a set of scientific graphing and data analysis software in the student labs. The old, slow machines in the Benton hall are a disgrace"
"needs to be a system that provides universal classroom/teaching service/module units"
"Classroom hardware changes are not explained and existing program features suddenly don't work. Classrooms are also too small"
"education - computer support on site once or twice at work"
"need training for faculty to learn Oracle and other software"
"need new machine & a more reliable network"
"would like to learn to use the scanner
" "generally"
"teaching - easier access to computing classrooms for occasional class ( 2 - 3 times/semester )"
"need to be able to access exact student menus in office in order to give class instructions"
"courses offered are not practical enough. e.g If I go to a session on designing a Web page, I should leave with a rudimentary web page completed, plus instructions on how to get a Web site"
"we rely on the university for support and would like to see network + UNIX support enhanced"
"network reliability is a problem"
"unified up-to-date software. office SPSS. PC Mac interface easier"
"need portable instructor's stations"
"my impression is that people are generally satisfied"
"could use greater availability of expertise to faculty who need/want to use computer technology for research/teaching"
"those at the help desk must have expertise & patience to handle questions from students new to computers"
"need truly accessible Help facilities & Reliable systems, especially for new student users"
"I do not know"
"Many more instructors in education want to use either an AT classroom or portable stations than have access. There is a mindset (at the top) against education so our needs are not being met"
"Should/could be better. Program development tools are not available in the lab"
"Myself and several other faculty have spend enormous amounts of time to keep our departments' computing needs updated"
"Students need more personnel support for classroom computing demands, e.g assistance in using a spreadsheet software package. My class of 130 + students overwhelmed our Economics lab for very basic help that they could not get in the open labs. Need for classroom projection of computer - based analysis"
"local web servers"
"Reliability - test things before I get to class and make sure they work from somewhere other than 4 th CCB. Communications - If you know we are having problems, tell the faculty before class while there is still time to make an alternate plan"
"The network software is slow and has got to be looked into"
"The machine has CS. sub-system is too erratic. So is Jinx. The only stable and reliable computing environment on our campus is the CMS system"
"I need adequate services, screens/projectors in my classroom & easily portable PC I could take from my office & plug in to use f or lecture/demonstration and more computer classes because I never get a reservation for, say one day/week"
"more & better trained staff, access to better & more accessible teaching classrooms, access to better network disk space & programs, better support for the mainframe, improve staffing - have staff on call 24 hrs ! "