Key responses to the survey:
Better help desk / training

Portable instructor station

More & better lab machines / equipment

More & better software

Decentralization ( labs, funds )

Better organization & coordination

The following were the written responses to the survey:
"more portable computer equipment are required"
"more computerized classrooms"
"more advanced computers/technology to enable students to meet the instructor's demands"
"provide portable to the departments which ask for it. Do not limit dial-up access"
"more change in computing environment at classrooms"
"strategic plan for hardware, software & support, more machines for labs & clearly defined roles for computing staff"
"rationalization of desktop program expenditures (tailor hardware upgrades to disciplinary needs)"
"good connection to the outside world ( for web, ftp, etc )"
"more training, support to solve software/hardware problems. More classrooms are required with instructor stations"
"better computing support"
"AV equipment including PC's should be available in every building"
"more reliability on networks & expanded capacity & reliable dial-up connections for e-mail"
"more responsive & competent staff"
"triple the help desk staff, set user friendly policies about scheduled downtimes for servers, improve campus network bandwidth, provide alternate link to Internet when MoveNet is having frequent problems"
"better & more software, better support for both hardware & software"
"other ways to allocate funds i.e computer fees from our students going to equip our school, another way to facilitate our students to get an account"
"better maintenance of machines in computing labs"
"training in pc applications - especially lab sources, research strategies"
"Coordinate with I.T.C, get rid of pomposity & arrogance on part of computing administration, stop protecting political turf & find out how to serve"
"difficulty on using EIS software because of space on accounts. The coverages are largely databased"
"The computer center staff must understand & help others who are not computing professionals. Effective & understandable form of communication is required. They must also develop systems & routines that are sensible to users"
"Friendlier & better trained help desk & computer lab staff"
"better trained & more support staff for ATC's & desktop systems"
"better accessibility to all. More dates of Mac-oriented workshops"
"students need better access to operational machines/printers, should have low-cost computers available for low income standards, more availability of basic computer skills for all students"
"less server down time"
"introduction classes for students - email, web, library"
"monitor individual ( faculty & student ) access"
"Upgrade the computers to more recent models that can run the software at a workable pace"
"overall a good job is being done presently"
"education, department support, class campus sharing on what is going on, who is using the technology effectively ? demonstrations"
"more faculty training"
"strengthen response at help desk, seldom are messages returned"
"need more labs because students have difficulty accessing computers on campus. Short courses on e-mail and web basics would help the students a lot"
"some decentralization of resources"
"more software being made available for local installation"
"Faculty resource center are not that helpful ( one employee, Shannon, in particular seemed very inconvenient on answering any inquiries)"
"The Instructor stations in the lecture halls are too unreliable to include in course plans. Systems are often down or disconnected from network. The bar code scanner S104 was stolen and not replaced. Need minimum security"
"to offer classes for those who would like to know more about the computer system on a regular basis"
"Decentralize control of funds so that units can decide what would be most useful for their students, faculty & staff, more instructor station setups across campus"
"better software support is needed"
"Visionary & supportive leadership that can attract resources to get job done rather than create impediments to growth and antagonize faculty"
"could use greater availability of expertise to faculty who need/want to use computer technology for research/teaching"
"New management problems are managerial ( & endemic) not technical"
"more campus-wide discussions of possibilities - not just announcements after the fact or announcements to liaisons. This is a good start"
"Off campus access to software via DHN client arch"
"Increase help desk staff to reduce response time"
"better training of student consultants in computer labs to assist students. Reduce size of SSB 103 and split it such that more lasers & PC's are available"
"More follow-up access to expertise after classes ( computer instruction) and more access to individual office help"
"user oriented staff. Purchase of hardware/software with input from users. Monitor use of hardware/software and make necessary changes for the following year purchases"
"Decentralizing the current access points to the computing more closely to clusters of disciplines with similar data software /student support needs; using student labs assistants who have experience in discipline based computing (i.e., move away from students who are simply responsible for security ). Rethink use of servers ! with PC disk prices dropping like a stone and software site licenses quite cheap, servers should be used for storing common - access data text, or reading high-cost CD based information. There is really no reason that faculty or students need to be inconvenienced by \" down \" or slow servers"
"maximum simplicity for student use"
"many classrooms equipped with instructor stations and projectors, more computing stations and academic units"
"more OCNS staff (perhaps even part time) to bring campus resources to the attention of departments/areas through regular personal contact (demos,etc) instead of merely tending to the \"saved\", waiting for the uniformed to become informed when they don't even know what they're uninformed about"
"There are too many machines, trying to do too many different things. We have much more hardware than we can support. I think the faculty desk top system has been a disaster"
"The school is doing a fine job and is positioning itself well for the future''
"more & better trained staff, access to better & more accessible teaching classrooms, access to better network disk space & programs, better support for the mainframe, improve staffing - have staff on call 24 hrs ! "
"get rid of the faculty desktop program !. Do not buy packages & force us to use them"