Learning time

Lack of support ( software, helpdesk )

Reliability/network outages

Lack of adequate disk space for big data sets, tapes

The following were the written comments to the survey :
"inadequate printing facilities"
"Difficulty in printing large files, lack of compilers, support and backup facilities for PC"
"Students have difficulty in learning the technology and matching the expectation of the instructor"
"Problems with the server"
"Do not have time to take classes offered on campus"
"Not having the time to learn"
"Power, speed & cost"
"I use very large data sets and cartridges (tapes)"
"learning time, cost of new software (too-frequent updates/changes)"
"cost of SAS software, C programs are faster on the desktop than on jinx"
"learning time"
"not sure how I could receive e-mail desktop if it did not go through UMSLVMA on university computer"
"learning time, remote access to files - we need access to significant central file storage (e.g Novell accounts) and not just a couple of MB - more like 50 - 100 MB )"
"ignorance of how to use the machine"
"learning time"
"no help available at the help desk"
"wish to know more about the system, at UMSL access is a problem"
"learning time, cost, get help when running into difficulties"
"learning time"
"different policies on form of user I.D., different requirements on the form of password"
"learning time, cost of software"
"too much of change in the computing systems that require faculty to relearn routines and this takes a lot of time"
"learning time & instructors who tolerate the mechanically challenged"
"cost, time"
"do not have the software, learning time, large data sets causes problems on the PC, statistical packages on the mainframe work as well as if not better than the PC versions"
"no laser printer on desktop, lack of software ( C & Fortran), lack of disk space"
"learning time"
"cost, learning time"
"Network failures occur for long periods e.g 48hrs"
"some learning time, there is little support for some software programs(SPSS) on the process of downloading data from archive sites, unable to get it in an usable format once downloaded"
"learning time, disk space"
"learning time, too much information to sort through to find what I need"
"need to learn more, network was down many times this year"
"availability of time due to heavy clinical assignment, would like to learn more about computers"
"in-service training"
"statistical packages not available for Mac, could solve the problem by installing windows software on power PC, but computing services personnel have not been helpful in this regard"
"cost, learning time"
"learning time and customized teaching as per individual needs"
"learning time, do not have power point at school"
"amount of time required for me to modify all my \"Script\" written files of CMS to a word processor"
"internet access"
"learning time & cost"
"Need desktop laser printer in office"
"learning curve"
"maintenance to support for UNIX lacking network downtime"
"never received materials that provided me with enough information to get onto Merlin, which I would like to have"
"software support"
"Learning time & convenient location for updating work/assistance. Multi-media access in classrooms for laptop overheads, film clips etc., need statistical package loaded on computer"
"costs, learning time, lack of Japanese support, accessing from home at all times"
"lack of time to take courses on these things. I also find that the course participants should be distributed according to needs & categories. I wind up in classes with secretaries/supporting staff who care more about \"tabs\" & addressing envelopes than about learning cutting/copying/pasting etc."
"learning time"
"surely, email & web pages require the mainframe"
"not applicable"
"would like to learn ccmail, etc. Eudora does not work some times and it is difficult & no good sets of instructions are available"
"time is the chief barrier when you must do almost everything yourself"
"No barrier except for the cost to upgrade and need for systems administration"
"lack of familiarity with creating/updating Web page, time cost of gaining these skills."
"pop marks are problematic with 2 access points"
"sometimes there is slow response - general mainframe service is excellent ; reliable & timely"
"Recently installed MS -Windows slip software for Windows 95(ver 2.2) but can't get through to UMSL. Help desk walked me through settings but still couldn't access. Help desk attendant said a lot of people have trouble with this new version of dial-up software"
"learning time"
"I need SPSS available - preferably on my Mac but mainframe would suffice & I need support with this as well
"The vanilla terminal emulators for Tn 3270 and X-windows are extremely chunky and hard to use. I need better emulators. The link from CMS to my printer seems to go down whenever I desperately need it"
"lack of support from computer services"