October 28, 2020 - Join us November 6 for Focus Friday - a day of self-care, reflection and wellness.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As semester continues, I remain humbled and inspired by the many ways our entire community has come together throughout the pandemic to continue our mission of learning, teaching, research and outreach to transform lives.

We know that the pandemic has brought about many changes, challenges and hardships to our daily lives – all of which influence and impact our own emotional, mental and physical health and well-being. As I’ve said before, we must remember to be kind and give grace to ourselves and others as we navigate this time.

In that spirit, we are designating November 6 as Focus Friday – a day for us to focus on self-care, reflection and wellness. Though classes and work responsibilities will continue on Focus Friday, the goal of this day is for us all to make adjustments, no matter how small, that support the health and well-being of each one of us.

Just a few simple changes to our day can give us all a brief, but meaningful break from the new normal:

  • Modify assignments or instruction/class plans to give students a day to focus on studies or personal needs
  • Supervisors can reschedule plans to provide a day free of Zoom/Teams meetings and conference calls for their staff
  • Take a walk, visit the Rec Center or join a virtual fitness class to stay active
  • Limit email activity to avoid inbox-overload for others
  • Visit the Virtual Relaxation Room or engage in a guided mindfulness practice
  • Reach out to connect with friends, family members or neighbors
  • Send a note of gratitude to those who have helped you during this time or find an opportunity to volunteer for others
  • Perform an act of kindness

What matters most is that we use this day as an opportunity and reminder to focus on taking good care of our own health and wellness and that of our entire Triton community. I do hope that you will take part in Focus Friday.

Be safe, stay connected and be well. #TritonsTogether

Kristin Sobolik
University of Missouri–St. Louis