The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers a 2+3 degree program that allows students to simultaneously earn their BS and their MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice in as few as 10 semesters.

The BS and MA degrees are conferred at the same time, upon completion of the 2+3 program. Students in the 2+3 program will complete the MA through coursework. The master's thesis option is not available for 2+3 degree program students.

The combined program requires a minimum of 138 credit hours, 30 of which must be taken in graduate status. Students accepted to the 2+3 degree program will be permitted to count up to 12 credit hours at the 4000-level or higher toward both the BS and MA degrees. 4000-level courses used toward the MA degree typically require additional graduate-level work. The remaining 18 credit hours must be at the 5000/6000 level. For more information about this program, see the UMSL Bulletin.

2+3 Course Worksheet

Junior/Senior Year Courses (taken in graduate status)
CRIMIN 4390 Seminar in Criminology and Criminal Justice 3
Any three 4000-level CRIMIN courses that is taught by a member of the Graduate Faculty 9
Total Hours 12


Final Year Courses
CRIMIN 6405 Methods 3
CRIMIN 5415 Foundations of Criminological Theory 3
CRIMIN 6410 Statistical Applications in Criminology and Criminal Justice 3
Any three 6000-level electives in CRIMIN 9
Total Hours 18