Kristina Thompson Garrity

Curriculum Vitae: PDF
Dissertation Title:: "Rural Crime and the City: Exploring the Criminological Consequences of Rural-Urban Interdependency"
Dissertation Committee: Matt Vogel (chair), Beth Huebner, Adam Boessen, and Matthew R. Lee
Areas of Interest: Structural and population dynamics; quantitative methods and spatial analyses; urban-rural interdepency.


Cherrell Green

Curriculum Vitae: PDF
Cherrell joined the UMSL Criminology and Criminal Justice PhD program after earning her M.A. in Criminal Justice from the University at Albany, SUNY in 2014. Her research interests include qualitative research methods, race and crime, "street-code"/violent victimization, and offender reentry. Her current dissertation work explores how 40 men (20 African-Americans residing in violent urban neighborhoods and 20 combat veterans), experience, make sense of, and cope with exposure to violence. 
Dissertation Title: Examining Trauma in Context: A comparative qualitative analysis of exposure to violence (ETV) among African-American males and male Combat Veterans
Dissertation Committee:  Lee Ann Slocum (Chair), Stephanie DiPietro, Heidi Grundetjern, and Jody Miller 
Areas of Interests: Race, Crime, and Criminal Justice; Qualitative Research Methods; Street-code & Violent Victimization; Community Violence & Trauma


Jennifer Gerlomes Medel

Curriculum Vitae: PDF
Dissertation Title: Peace at Last or Just a Piece of Paper?: Assessing the Utilization of Civil Protection Orders, Reported Violations, and Subsequent Consequences
Dissertation Committee: David Klinger (chair), Matt Vogel, Karlijn Kuijpers, and Kristin Carbone-Lopez
Areas of Interest: Victimization, domestic violence, reporting patterns, and police-community relations


Paige Vaughn

Curriculum Vitae: CV
Dissertation Title: “Dual Disadvantage: An Examination of Processes Affecting Racial Disparities in Victim and Defendant Criminal Justice Outcomes”
Dissertation Committee: Janet Lauritsen (chair), Richard Rosenfeld, Beth Huebner, David Klinger, and Brian Johnson
Areas of Interest: Punishment; race and inequality; crime control policy